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  • Spring 2015 Tours - We have just finished touring Crush; Goldstars & Dragon MarksandThe Kamikazeto a great response. For more information, or to enquire about future tours,contact us
  • Tommy Tupper's Terrific Toyshopwasa great success in Glasgow and will be touring fresh fields this festive season. We’ve also started taking bookings for our other 2015/2016 Christmas show, Susie and the Stolen Sea, which will be touring Glasgow and the Central area! Contact us for more details.
  • Baldy Bane recently performed at the 'Choices for Life' event in association with Police Scotland.'Choices for Life’ is a Police Scotland innovative diversionary and educational initiative aimed at raising awareness amongst young people aged 11-18, about the dangers of misuse in relation to smoking, alcohol and drugs as well as online safety and advice on how to deal with negative peer pressure.
  • One Foot in the Doorhas enjoyed a fantastic response from venues across Scotland.

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