Crush is a powerful drama that looks at the issues surrounding abuse in teenage relationships, gender stereotyping and the media’s impact on young people’s body image and behaviour.

Acheiving the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence both in terms of empowering young people to build healthy relationships in the future and to better support those affected by domestic abuse at present.

The production is followed by a post show session where pupils will be given the opportunity to discuss the issues raised and find out about further sources of support and advice.

Age Group: S3-S6 pupils
Play & Workshop Length: 90 minutes

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes:
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing – HWB 4-01a, HWB 4-02a, HWB 4-03a, HWB 4-04a,HWB 4-05a, HWB 4-06a, HWB 4-07a, HWB 4-08a.
Social Wellbeing – HWB 4-09a, HWB 4-12a, HWB 4-13a, HWB 4-14a.
Physical Wellbeing – HWB 4-16a, HWB 4-17a.
Relationships – HWB 4-44a, HWB 4-44b, HWB 4-44c, HWB 4-45a, HWB 4-45b, HWB 4-46a, HWB 4-46b, HWB 4-46c, HWB 4-47b, HWB 4-48a, HWB 4-49a, HWB 4-49b

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