Health & Wellbeing Workshop: Environmental Awareness

This interactive workshop looks at ways we can collectively and individually do our part in tackling climate change. The participants are able to express their dreams for the future while exploring practical ways of achieving them. This could be in the communities of home, locale, school, town/city, country or globe. There are many ways for people to get involved and this workshop explores the potential value of intergenerational work.

When becoming more environmentally conscious, there are two main aspects to consider; Biodiversity and Climate Change.  In a broad sense, engineering for the future is going to go a long way in progress, but is not enough to stop the problems of climate change and loss of biodiversity. Children and young people, as the inheritors of the future, should be encouraged to think of and offer solutions for sustainability and the growth of opportunity for all life on the planet.  

AGE GROUP: Early (Pre-school + P1), First (P2, P3 + P4) & Second (P5, P6 + P7) Stages.  This workshop can be adapted for all ages & stages but is particularly suitable for primary school pupils.

WORKSHOP LENGTH: Series of 4x half-day workshops.  A condensed 1-day workshop is also available. 

GROUP SIZE: 1 Class (30 pupils MAX) – Please contact us to discuss if your group exceeds this number. 

For more information or to arrange a workshop for your pupils, please contact –