Gold Stars

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Gold Stars & Dragon Marks

Gold Stars & Dragon Marks weaves a storyline about three children’s experiences as they negotiate their daily lives at home, in school and at play. With humour and energy, the storyline centres on Sam, who lives in a refuge with her mum and is just about to start another new school; Mark, who has an aggressive and domineering father and takes out his frustration and anger in class; and Jessica, a lively but friendly young girl who gets caught up in a situation between Sam and Mark.

Gold Stars and Dragon Marks was created to support schools in delivering effective and innovative school-based prevention initiatives. The production also helps to achieve the aims of the Curriculum for Excellence both in terms of empowering children to build healthy relationships in the future and to better support those affected by domestic abuse at present.

The follow-up workshop allows the children to question and challenge the characters about their behaviour. The workshop also looks at ways in which children can work out strategies to help them resolve difficult situations in a positive way.

Age Group: P5-P7 pupils
Play & Workshop Length: 85 minutes
Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes:
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing – HWB 2-01a, HWB 2-02a, HWB 2-03a, HWB 2-04a,HWB 2-05a, HWB 2-06a, HWB 2-07a, HWB 2-08a.

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