Health & Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Through dramatic scenarios exploring issues of health & wellbeing, pupils learn to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future.

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Age Group: S1-S3 pupils
Play & Workshop Length: 50 minutes

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes:
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing – HWB 3-01a, HWB 3-02a, HWB 3-03a, HWB 3-04a,HWB 3-05a, HWB 3-06a, HWB 3-07a, HWB 3-08a.
Social Wellbeing – HWB 3-09a, HWB 3-10a, HWB 3-11a, HWB 3-12a, HWB 3-13a, HWB 3-14a.
Physical Wellbeing – HWB 3-15a, HWB 3-10a, HWB 3-16a, HWB 3-17a, HWB 3-27a, HWB 3-28a.
Substance Misuse – HWB 3-38a, HWB 3-39a, HWB 3-40a, HWB 3-40b, HWB 3-41a, HWB 3-41b, HWB 3-42a, HWB 3-43a, HWB 3-43b.
Relationships – HWB 3-44a, HWB 3-44b, HWB 3-44c, HWB 3-45a, HWB 3-45b, HWB 3-46a, HWB 3-46b, HWB 3-46c, HWB 3-47a, HWB 3-47b, HWB 3-48a, HWB 3-49a, HWB 3-49b.

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