Health & Wellbeing Workshop: Online Healthy

There is a vast world of information and communication at our fingertips which has many benefits for children and young people.  It can also present hazards which are not always easily recognised.  This workshop allows individuals to discuss what they enjoy about being online while also giving young people the opportunity to chat about things that make them feel unsafe or unsure when using the internet. 

Using forum theatre and interactive activity, this workshop explores;

  • different aspects of using the internet, both positive and negative
  • why family tensions or concerns around online engagement might arise
  • personal accountability and vulnerability when behind a screen
  • safe use of social media, gaming, image/video sharing, messaging and apps
  • what to do if you feel unsafe or unsure

AGE GROUP: Early (Pre-school + P1), First (P2, P3 + P4) & Second (P5, P6 + P7) Stages.  This workshop can be adapted for all ages & stages but is particularly suitable for primary school pupils.

WORKSHOP LENGTH: Series of 4x half-day workshops.  A condensed 1-day workshop is also available. 

GROUP SIZE: 1 Class (30 pupils MAX)- Please contact us to discuss if your group exceeds this number. 

For more information or to arrange a workshop for your pupils, please contact –¬†