Online Safety

Online Safety Primary

Online Safety

Designed to equip young people with the knowledge, awareness of risk and effective coping mechanisms to stay safe online and on social media, keep personal information safe and prevent online bullying behaviours.

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Age Group: P5-P7 pupils
Play & Workshop Length: 50 minutes

Curriculum for Excellence Outcomes:
Digital Literacy – TCH 02-02a, TCH 2-03a.
Mental & Emotional Wellbeing – HWB 2-01a, HWB 2-02a, HWB 2-03a, HWB 2-04a,HWB 2-05a, HWB 2-06a, HWB 2-07a, HWB 2-08a.
Social Wellbeing – HWB 2-09a.
Relationships – HWB 2-44a, HWB 2-44b, HWB 2-45a, HWB 2-49a.

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