The decision to invite a pantomime production into your school or venue can be a daunting prospect. аPerhaps you’ve always ventured out to a big theatre or have a tradition of taking your pupils on a school trip to your local arts centre. аWhile this can be a great experience for children, the increasing cost of transportation can be limiting and the administrative tasks that accompany a school trip are time consuming.

That is why so many schools now choose Baldy Bane to provide their pantomime fun. аWe transform gym and dining halls into magical lands with our hand-painted scenery, theatre lights, dazzling costumes and original music and songs. аAll you have to do is make sure you’re sitting comfortably but don’t take our word for it, have a read of the lovely feedback we’ve received from the folk who have already enjoyed our shows…

  • Mr Lynas, former head teacher at Robert Owen Primary School

In all my time at Robert Owen, the one constant was the high standard of performance you could rely on from Baldy Bane which is why every year I would be on the phone to make sure we could get an early booking made for the following year. I hope the company continues to flourish.

  • Lesley, Kirkton Church

The team were amazing...as ever!!
We LOVED it...the kids of all ages thought it was fantastic!! а
It worked great and we would love to have you all back next year.

  • Head Teacher, East Lothian

We really enjoyed having the company with us again. аResponses from the children were really positive. аTheаP1s were all fully engaged with the story and the characters. аThe children in P2 really loved it (and so did the adults). It was very funny with a good message. аAll the P3 children loved the show. аThey particularly liked the riddles section.аThe giraffe was also very popular and all said the costumes were fab. а
Everyone understood the message of the show. аThank you very much.

  • Head Teacher, Glasgow

A superb end to the school week for the children and those staff fortunate enough to watch the production!

  • Head Teacher, Glasgow

This was the first time we hadn’t taken the school out to the theatre, and I can honestly say
аit was the best experience we’ve had! We’ll certainly be getting Baldy Bane in next year!

  • Michael, Cubs Leader

We all loved the panto, the Cubs especially had a great time,а
although I think the level of their participation kind of gave that away.

Artwork by the pupils of Renton Primary School.

ай Baldy Bane Theatre 2019 - Registered Company SC135772 / Charity Number SC046223