Health & Wellbeing Workshop: Resilience

We all have different coping mechanisms and strategies for how we might bounce back from hardship or cope with stressful situations.  The development of resilience and healthy coping skills is crucial for children and young people in allowing them to flourish as successful learners and to grow as healthy, confident individuals. 

This workshop explores:

  • what resilience means
  • factors that impact on our resilience
  • our own levels of resilience and identifying our coping strategies
  • practical examples of how to apply healthy strategies for resilience
  • and much more

AGE GROUP: Early (Pre-school + P1), First (P2, P3 + P4) & Second (P5, P6 + P7) Stages.  This workshop can be adapted for all ages & stages but is particularly suitable for primary school pupils.

WORKSHOP LENGTH: Series of 4x half-day workshops.  A condensed 1-day workshop is also available. 

GROUP SIZE: 1 Class (30 pupils MAX)- Please contact us to discuss if your group exceeds this number. 


Mental and emotional wellbeing:
HWB 0-01a / HWB 1-01a / HWB 2-01a / HWB 3-01a / HWB 4-01a
HWB 0-02a / HWB 1-02a / HWB 2-02a / HWB 3-02a / HWB 4-02a
HWB 0-03a / HWB 1-03a / HWB 2-03a / HWB 3-03a / HWB 4-03a
HWB 0-04a / HWB 1-04a / HWB 2-04a / HWB 3-04a / HWB 4-04a
HWB 0-05a / HWB 1-05a / HWB 2-05a / HWB 3-05a / HWB 4-05a
HWB 0-06a / HWB 1-06a / HWB 2-06a / HWB 3-06a / HWB 4-06a

HWB 0-07a / HWB 1-07a / HWB 2-07a / HWB 3-07a / HWB 4-07a
HWB 0-08a / HWB 1-08a / HWB 2-08a / HWB 3-08a / HWB 4-08a
Social wellbeing:
HWB 0-09a / HWB 1-09a / HWB 2-09a / HWB 3-09a / HWB 4-09a
HWB 0-10a / HWB 1-10a / HWB 2-10a / HWB 3-10a / HWB 4-10a
Physical wellbeing:
HWB 0-15a / HWB 1-15a / HWB 2-15a / HWB 3-15a / HWB 4-15a
HWB 0-16a / HWB 1-16a / HWB 2-16a / HWB 3-16a / HWB 4-16a
Planning for choices and changes:
HWB 0-19a / HWB 1-19a / HWB 2-19a / HWB 3-19a / HWB 4-19a
HWB 0-45a / HWB 1-45a / HWB 2-45a
HWB 0-45b / HWB 1-45b / HWB 2-45b / HWB 3-45b / HWB 4-45b
HWB 0-47a / HWB 1-47a 
HWB 0-48a / HWB 1-48a 
HWB 0-49a / HWB 1-49a / HWB 2-49a

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