Road Safety Scotland

We have recently completed a three year partnership withаRoad Safety Scotland. аWe were delighted to deliver their theatre In education programme from 2016-2019.а

Watch this space for the upcoming evaluation resource of
Road Safety Scotland’s Theatre in Education Programme.

P6/P7 - "The Journey"

“The Journey” is aimed at Primary 6 pupils and is forum theatre. аThe audience are encouraged to participate throughout the play and are invited to make certain decisions through role-play which can change the outcome of the scenes. аThe key road safety messages in this play are walking and cycling to schoolаsafely, transition from primary to secondary school and peer pressure when crossing the road.

S1 -а“School Daze”

As withа“The Nine Lives of Roddy Hogg” (the previous play for S1), the purpose of this new show is to support pupils as they make the transition from primary to secondary school. а“School Daze" made it’s touring debut in the Autumn of 2017 alongsideа“Friends Disunited”. а

S5/S6 - “Friends Disunited”

This drama follows four secondary school friends whose lives are shattered by the inexperience and over-confidence of one young driver. а“Friends Disunited” is humorous and witty with a hard-hitting message. аIt highlights the enjoyment and responsibility that comes with being a new driver.

Multi-generational - “Better Late Than Dead On Time”

This play has been designed to be performed in community settings for cross-generational audiences. аIt looks at the impact of driver and pedestrian behaviour in one family. аThe issues are dealt with sensitively but are presented in a realistic and humorous way to focus awareness and discussion with the audience.а

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