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а а а а а а аLiving Wage Scotland Awards Finalist 2019

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We are beyond delighted to be named as one of three finalists in the Living Wage Scotland Awards. аBig congratulations to our fellow Employees’ Choice Award nominees;

Corgi HomePlan Limited & Lanarkshire Carers Centre Ltd. а а а

We look forward to attending the Living Wage Scotland Awards in November! а а а аа

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а а а а а а Living Wage Scotland Awards Finalist 2019

We were absolutely thrilled to be finalists in the Living Wage UK Employees’ Choice Award 2019 after beingаnominated by Eilean and Lynsey. аYou can read their stories below.

Eilean’s Story:

I’m a full-time wheelchair user and was recently able to purchase my first home as a direct result of earning a real living wage. I previously never thought this would be possible when working in minimum wage jobs. For the first time in my adult life, I am no longer reliant on disability benefits to supplement my wage.а I was able to purchase two large household appliances for my new home without relying on credit or repayment options thanks to earning the real living wage.а Since Baldy Bane became Living Wage Accredited, my colleagues and I have all reported having a much improved work-life balance.а We feel valued by our employer and in return we enjoy our work and strive to improve our performance and do the best job we possibly can.а We no longer live month-to-month and instead are able to live a good life whilst still saving for our futures.

Lynsey’s Story:

Before working for Baldy Bane Theatre Company, I used to work two jobs in order to make ends meet.а Now I am able to work one job and undertake an Open University degree course in my spare time.а I have also been able to start saving money towards a deposit on a home, which I have never thought would be possible for me before.а I love my job and feel excited to go in to the office every day, but most importantly I feel valued.

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