Young People

We produce plays and workshops for young people that are developed in consultation with professional bodies, governmental organisations and - most importantly - with young people themselves.

Our aim in drama is to engage the audience; to encourage them to invest emotionally in the characters, and by doing so, to empathise with the outcomes.

Our productions can be performed simply as a drama with classroom discussion afterwards, facilitated by staff. However, each production also comes with a tailored workshop.

These workshops are different for each production:

  • Some are held as post-show discussions.
  • Some are workshops where the audience can talk to characters from the show. The cast remain in character, and answer - and sometimes argue - as the characters themselves would do.
  • Others are creative sessions, where the audience produce scenes,songs, artwork or other presentations to encourage further thought on the issues at hand.
  • Some plays are in sections, with scenes split by long Forum sessionsin which the audience can examine the issues in greater detail.
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