IN DEVELOPMENT - Aimed at ages 8 and upwards,а“SHOUT!" addresses the issue of using social media safely.

According to the Social Age Report, more than half of children have used an online social network by the age of 10.

Yet, as social media has removed the barriers between a young person's public and private self, children can become vulnerable, and compulsive online sharing can lead to danger.

As the study shows, children are gaining access to social media sites at a younger age, which can expose them to content, people or situations which quickly take them out of their depth and for which they're not emotionally prepared.

52% of 8 - 16 year-olds admitted they had ignored the official age limit of certain social networking sites, andа21% of children had posted negative comments, starting from an average age of 11, and 26% had 'hijacked' another person's account and posted without permission.аSome 43% had messaged strangers.

The study suggests that children are most likely to post an image or video of themselves online or set up a fake profile for the first time at the age of 11, try Twitter and message a stranger at 12 and try services like SnapChat and at the age of 13.

We are developing this drama aimed at Primary School age and upwards that will enable discussion and encourage pupils to re-examine their attitudes and knowledge of:

  • Sharing photographs & images
  • Ganging up on someone with jokes or rumours
  • Vindictive posts andаbullying
  • Revenge posts or escalatingаfeuds
  • How to handle personal information
  • Insults/libelling of teachers or other adults

The idea behind the title, Shout is simply:а“If you wouldn’t shout it out in the playground, don’t post it online."

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