The Kamikaze


The Kamikazeаby Mark MacNicol is a powerful play that addresses issues affecting young people growing up in a world where respect and image are vital, and where violence through gang culture is often seen as the only way of enhancing both.

Steg has a crush on Mags, but when he discovers he isn’t the only one interested, he attempts to join the Bushwackas - a local gang - believing this will win him both respect and Mags’ affections. аJoining, however, is anything but straightforward.

“It means divine wind. During this big war, right, the Japanese were queuing up to do it. аIt was a big honour for them; for their families and all. аBut I’ve seen some new guys: you can tell they’re terrified. аAlways feel sorry for they ones. аLoneliest place in the world that.”

The play ties in closely with the Curriculum for Excellence and presents many opportunities for cross-curricular class work.

Workshop discussions immediately following the performance encourage young people to think about how they might respond in a situation of peer pressure to join a gang, or be part of a violent culture.

The play is strongly supported by the “No Knives, Better Lives” initiative as a preventative resource for use in schools.

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